Functional Medicine


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What is Functional Medicine at KCNSJC?

Functional medicine takes your symptoms, medical history, and results from blood lab testing to create a plan of improvement that is individual to you, using dietary modifications and dietary supplements. The key is to figure out why you are having your symptoms or abnormal levels on your bloodwork results and to help bring your physiology back into balance in a natural manner.

Functional medicine does NOT replace your medical doctor! If you have been diagnosed with a condition or illness and/or you are on prescription medication, then that will stay the same until your medical provider says differently. However, it is not always clear why you have that condition or what your prescription is trying to help with. We aim to find what can and needs to change or improve to help bring your bloodwork results back to a normal level and help you feel better.

Functional medicine at KCNSJC is based on the science of physiology and biochemistry (google both of those terms quickly if they are unfamiliar) in combination with modern medical blood testing.


Who is Functional Medicine For?

People dealing with:
*blood sugar problems/diabetes
*thyroid problems
*anemia/iron deficiency problems
*chronic fatigue
*IBS/gastro-intestinal problems
*chronic pain/chronic inflammation
*concentration problems/brain fog
*auto-immune problems
*and much more!

Here is what you can expect if you become a functional medicine patient at KCNSJC:

*You will both, fill out our health history form and provide recent or previous bloodwork results before making an appointment. This gives the doctor time to thoroughly review your case.

*At your appointment, the doctor will ask some questions base on the paperwork you already provided, and a plan will be given based on the doctor’s professional interpretation of your symptoms and bloodwork results.

*At KCNSJC, ALL functional medicine patients are given a combination of dietary modifications and supplement recommendations based on your individual case and circumstances. The doctors take this very seriously and if you are unwilling to do either of these, then functional medicine at KCNSJC is not right for you.

*Bloodwork may need to be ordered both initially and or at a follow up appointment to monitor for changes and/or improvements in bloodwork levels. Sometimes, bloodwork that patients bring in is incomplete and an additional blood panel will need to be ordered to help complete the whole picture of your problem.

**We are able to order bloodwork at substantially lower rates than typical  medical offices.

*Appointments are $75 and you can expect at least 3 appointments over an 6 to 10 week period if your case is straightforward. This, of course, varies case by case based on complexity and patient need.


*All payments are out-of-pocket and no insurance is accepted for functional medicine appointments. Unfortunately, insurances only cover conventional medical approaches with pharmaceuticals and medical procedures and have not recognized the value of functional medicine at this point.

**However, you are able to use a health savings account or something similar

*And, of course, we expect for you to get better!